PAT Testing Course

PAT testing C&G 2377

More correctly known as 'In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment' now in it's Fourth Editon, this is an essential course for those who are electricians and want to carry out this service or those who wish to make this their only electrical work and who do not necessarily have previous electrical knowledge.


An electrician i.e. a person who has electrical knowledge (can do Ohms law and other simply calculations) should be able to comfortably achieve the qualification in 2 days.


For those who have no previous electrical experience, but can otherwise do simple maths and have a reasonable grasp of the English language then just one extra day preceding the main course should bring you up to speed.


PAT testing can be a very useful extra for your customers even if as it is sometimes a loss-leader. Think of it as a 'foot in the door' whereby you will possibly get other electrical installation or maintenance work.


The problem with PAT testing for your client is that it is a distress purchase that has little perceived benefit to them other than compliance with Health and Safety requirements. Anyone doing a thorough job in this area is performing a valuable service.