Initial Verification

This course concentrates only on the initial verification of a new installation, additions to it and modifications involving a new circuit or consumer unit. It carries on where a Minor Works Certificate stops. It is a useful certificate for those wishing to register with a competent person scheme to install in domestic premises as it may help you when you join by removing the need to be observed performing inspection and testing for assessment by the competent person scheme (this is of course at the discretion of the competent person scheme). This is the certificate that will help you 'self certify'


Electricians wishing to undertake this course should be aware that a good knowledge of BS7671 is a prerequisite and if it has been a while since you underwent a regs course you might want to brush up or skills or even take the course again, as the initial verification course makes great use of your knowledge of the regs.


It should be pointed out that although this is a stand alone course, it is often taken in conjuction with the C&G 2395 Periodic Inspection course. Apart from the savings made by combining the courses, there is a practical reason. The multi-choice exam for either the 2394 or 2395 will have questions from the other as only one multi-choice exam is sat for both certificates.


Often thought of mistakenly as the 'lesser' of the two qualification, this is a 'full on' qualification and requires a great deal of dedication to achieve. Its scope is rather narrower than its big brother (you don't have to code departures), but a thorough knowledge of inspection and testing proceedure, paperwork, and legislation is required.


The practical exam is a multi-task assessment which should be approached with as much practice and revision as any other.


The written exam (everyones nightmare) is actually as bad as people think and certainly within reach of a good electrician with reasonable literacy skills.


Dont forget our inspection and testing courses include a days practical revision on test boards to get you up to speed in your skills – a cost extra at most other centres.

Event Event Date Individual Price Register
C&G 2392 - Fundamentals of Inspection and Testing Initial Verification 09-09-2019 12:00 am £550.00
C&G 2391-50/EAL 600/4337/4Initial Verification 09-09-2019 8:30 am £550.00