18th Edition Wiring Regulations

This is the essential certificate for every electrician. While not a mandatory certificate for JIB registration, it does demonstrate to your customers, employers and registration bodies that you do have a sound knowledge of the regulations and more importantly, you can navigate them effectively. This certificate is essential as a prerequisite for your studies in inspection and testing as an awful lot of inspection is of course checking installations for compliance with the regs and without it your studies will be unecessarily difficult.


One bit of advice is that a knowledge of the On Site Guide is not enough to pass the exam and not only that the arrangement of the book is not the same as BS7671 although there is extensive referencing to the regs throughout.


Although the exam is a 2 hour one, there are 60 questions and at 2 minutes per question you will not have enough time to look up every question (it is open book). However we find that by the time you sit the exam you'll be so well prepped that you will know about half the questions off the top of your head.


It is a good idea to try and remember the parts of the book and what they cover as this will make referencing much faster.


During the course you will be given a lot of exam technique tips to give you the greatest chance of a first time pass.