Periodic Inspection and Testing

Periodic inspection and testing is a demanding, difficult and responsible part of the job. In principle the job is simple, inspect the installation to ensure it is safe for continued use then perform some basic tests, however you are often looking at older installations built to previous versions of BS7671, many are suffering deterioration or damage and of course various additions and modifications done sometimes by amateurs and diyers. Your knowledge of the current regs needs to be good and a knowledge of earlier regs is helpful. Then there is the coding for deviations and departure from the regs and your final assessment after sometimes arduous testing, confirming whether it is actually safe or not.


These are the things we will discuss in class as well as how to pass the exam and some advanced techniques.


The small group size enables us to talk about real life situations (both yours and mine) that we have come across that will illustrate the technical discussion.


And remember we include a days practice in the workshop to brush up your skills before the practical exam. This is of course included in the course price.


Why take the EAL route?

EAL is as recognised for its qualifications as are any other qualification route. Employers, registration bodies and anyone else that matters fully recognise all the qualifications that EAL offers.


Which qualification body you choose for your training and certification is a matter of personal choice, but many candidates report that the EAL qualification route provides a better assessment experience and certainly the pass rates under EAL appear to be better than most,