Combined Inspection & Testing

If you are thinking of taking an inspection and testing course then you really should consider taking both the 2394 and 2395 qualifications together. There are several good reasons for this: its cheaper, you need all the information from both courses to pass the multichoice exam for either qualification, and you get both qualifications in one intense study period instead of splitting it.


We'll take you through the 6 day course (plus 2 two hour written exams), starting with an introduction on day 1 of the principles of initial verification especially inspection and day 2 we major on the testing element. Having covered all aspects of initial verification we will on day 3 adapt those techniques to periodic inspection and testing and emphasise the differences between the techniques. Day 4 is completely given over to the multichoice exam and the revision and exam technique leading up to it. On day 5 we take a bit of a breather and spend the day in the workshop practicing our testing technique and building a personal process to enable a confident approach in the practical assessment. Day 6 is where we put together everything we have learned so far into the practical assessment; in the morning inititial verification and after lunch periodic inspection and testing. Expect an early start and an early evening finish!

Event Event Date Individual Price Register
C&G 2391-52 - combined Inspection and Testing, Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing 09-09-2019 8:30 am £925.00
EAL - Combined Initial Verification & Periodic Inspection and Testing - 603/2625/6 09-09-2019 8:30 am £930.00
C&G 2391-52 & EAL 603/2625/6 Combined Initial Verification & Periodic Inspection and Testing 21-10-2019 8:30 am £930.00