Combined Initial Verification & Periodic Inspection and Testing

Combined course - Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing


This course will take place on Zoom for the theory and the physical training and assessment will be carried out at a partner centre in Edgeware, Middx


The course runs Monday to Thursday in week 1 and  &MONDAY & TUESDAY the following week for the assessments in Edgeware.

If you are thinking of taking an inspection and testing course then you really should consider taking the C&G 2391-52 or the EAL 603/2625/6 course. There are several good reasons for this: it is cheaper, it is a much deeper course, and you get both qualifications in one intense study period instead of splitting it.

We'll take you through the 6 day course, starting with an introduction on day 1 of the principles of initial verification especially inspection and day 2 we major on the testing element. Having covered all aspects of initial verification we will on day 3 adapt those techniques to periodic inspection and testing and emphasise the differences between the techniques. Day 4 is completely given over to the multichoice exam and the revision and exam technique leading up to it. On day 5 we take a bit of a breather and spend the day in the workshop practicing your testing technique and building a personal process to enable a confident approach in the practical assessment. Day 6 is where we put together everything, we have learned so far into the practical assessment. The other tasks are scheduled around the practical assessment.

Why take the EAL route?

EAL is as recognised for its qualifications as are any other qualification route. Employers, registration bodies and anyone else that matters fully recognise all the qualifications that EAL offers.

Which qualification body you choose for your training and certification is a matter of personal choice, but many candidates report that the EAL qualification route provides a better assessment experience and certainly the pass rates under EAL appear to be better than most.

We now run the EAL Combined Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing course for those who prefer it to the City and Guilds version.

The course content and structure are the same varying only in the online assessment and lack of a short answer written assessment.

The EAL course is preferred by many candidates because of these differences.

The certificate of achievement carries exactly the same weight and validity as the City and Guilds and is recognised by employes, JIB, NICEIC and everywhere where the City and Guilds course is accepted.


This course includes a training day prior to the assessment at no extra cost (most centres charge upwards of £120 for this option)

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