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At Mid-Bucks Electrical Training we think small is good. We keep our tutor groups small so that you get the best support in your studies.
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We are a small 'Man cave' in a small estate in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Small but well resourced and rather smart we like to think.
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Hi. My name is Hans-Peter Verhoeven. My friends and colleagues call me H-P. I taught in fE colleges for many years and I am a fully qualified teacher.

Electrical Condition Reporting

Landlords Electrical Testing
We are now able to put the skills we teach to good use in the real world by offering landlords of rental properties a full Electrical Condition Reporting service to enable you to…
On the job training for Condition Reporting
Not only do we train electricians for their Inspection and Testing certification, but we are now able to take those who wish to see how Condition Reporting is performed in the real world…

Mid Bucks Electrical Training

At MBET we think small is good. We keep our tutor groups small so that you get the best support in your studies. We encourage an atmosphere of informal learning and mutual support and by keeping the groups numbers low you get a bigger slice of us and our time and support.

Rather than just present and deliver we use questioning and discussion and we firmly believe there is no such thing as a silly question. All questions are answered without judgement or comment so that candidates feel safe to ask anything however daft they think it is – usually they are quite pertinent and not daft at all.

Candidates are encouraged to enter into lively discussion and ask questions about their work practices. The tutors enjoy these discussions as they get to talk with candidates who work in specialisations they have not encountered before.

We are a fully accredited EAL centre and able to offer
electrical qualifications in: 18th Edition Regs, Building Regs (Part P),
Inspection and Testing (Level 2 & 3), PAT testing.

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DOL Starters - How to deal with them
Direct Online Starters When inspecting and testing on a 3 phase board (or even a single phase), one of the items of equipment that you may have to deal with is a DOL…
Inspection and Testing
I had a candidate come in for his 2392 the other week and when I advised him to test his continuity using the Method 2 (wander lead or R2 method) for his assessment…
Continuity Measurement
Without doubt the hardest tests to carry out accurately are the continuity tests. The maxim here is 'repeatable and consistent results'. So lets look at some of the things that could adversely affect…